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Getting Started with CpmFetch

Welcome to CpmFetch

How to use CpmFetch


How to use this documentation

Important: The documentation may be updated more often than the code. The latest version is always online at

If you are new to CpmFetch, I strongly recommend that you read the Getting started with CpmFetch in the tutorials listing. By strongly I mean that if you post for support and ask a question that is clearly explained in the tutorial you will get yelled at. Maybe also flogged.

If you are looking to see what functions are available to you to use, then I recommend browsing through the cpm and cpm_dao classes.

What CpmFetch Does

CpmFetch allows you to easily access and display information from your Coppermine Photo Gallery (CPG) in a variety of ways. CpmFetch respects the privacy settings in your gallery and will not display images the public would not be allowed to see normally.

By using CpmFetch you can access images, comments, descriptions, statistics, last added media, and random media then output them to HTML, RSS, Text, Avatars, and more.

CpmFetch will also return just data so that you can use it to query the database, then format the output to your specific needs.

CpmFetch is NOT a modification to CPG - you do not need to worry about it interfering with future CPG upgrades, or breaking your existing gallery.

What CpmFetch Does Not Do

CpmFetch does not perform ANY writing or modifications to your database, nor do I have any plans to incorporate that at this time. Allowing writes increases the chance my program can mess up your system.

CpmFetch does not contain trans-fats. Never had it - never will. We also keep down sugars. For those sensitive to it, CpmFetch has been coded by individuals who run on large amounts of coffee. Programming code is, in fact, a by-product of caffeine. This code was also written by a unit that also processes soy, nuts, and milk products.

Skill Requirements for CpmFetch

Over the years I have made CpmFetch easier to use. However, I will never get it to the point where just anyone can use it. To use CpmFetch you need a few basic skills:

  1. ability to read and follow instructions

  2. basic HTML knowledge

  3. basic PHP knowledge (be able to print "hello world" in PHP)

This is enough to get started. CpmFetch can be used in hundreds of more advanced ways, and perhaps it will be your gateway and incentive to learn more about HTML and PHP.

System Requirements for CpmFetch

CpmFetch is designed to not require anything beyond what CPG does. If you have CPG running, you should have no problem with CpmFetch.

Things Not Covered in this Guide You Will Need to Know

This guide will not cover some basics of working with a web server. If you are not familiar with any of the following, ask someone to help you, or do some search engine work. Your hosting company or ISP may also be of some help.

Things expected of you:

  1. download files from a web site

  2. uncompress an archive file

  3. upload files to your web server

  4. changing permissions on files

  5. editing your PHP or HTML pages

All of the above is required to install CPG, so I assume you or someone you know can perform these tasks.

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Getting Started with CpmFetch

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